Your ideal market place in India to source for smart elevators, escalators and components!

IEE Expo (International Elevator and Escalator Expo) has been instrumental in providing an apt platform for the industry players to gauge the market potential for their products in India. The expo will showcase the entire gamut of technology and products ranging across project requirements and will be an excellent one stop destination to source new equipment’s, explore tie-ups, engage with the right audience and find suitable solution providers and partners for future projects.

Gross Sqm
8+ Participating
Country Pavilions:
Germany, Korea, China, Italy, Turkey

This is why we are one of the best industry exhibition in India!!

Exhibitor Statistics

89% IEE Expo India 2020 exhibitors are satisfied

of our exhibitors are satisfied with their participation of which 37% are extremely satisfied.

62% IEE Expo India 2020  exhibitor have met their business goals

of our exhibitor have met their business goals

58%  IEE Expo India 2020 Exhibitors participation

of our exhibitors are extremely satisfied with their participation

Visitor Statistics

85% IEE Expo 2020 Visitors are OEMs, elevator & escalator manufacturers, component suppliers, maintenance & repair, dealers & traders

of our visitors belong to the Elevator & Escalator industry (OEMs, elevator & escalator manufacturers, component suppliers, maintenance & repair, dealers & traders)

16% IEE Expo 2020 Visitors consist of builders, developers, project consultants, architects, city planners, Govt. authorities and rail & metro authorities

consist of builders, developers, project consultants, architects, city planners, Govt. authorities and rail & metro authorities.

69% IEE Expo 2020 vistors are Business owners, partners, self-employed

of our visitors are decision makers (Business owners, partners, self-employed)

Product groups

IEE Expo India 2020 Product Groups - Elevators & Escalators, Components & Accessories

Elevators & Escalators

  • Passenger lifts
  • Freight elevators
  • Service elevators
  • Hospital elevators
  • Small store lifts
  • Attached lifts
  • Home and apartment elevators
  • Garage and parking elevators
  • Elevators and lifts for specially abled
  • Elevators without Machine room


  • Panoramic elevators
  • Elevators and platforms with hydraulic Drive
  • Ships lifts
  • Sidewalk lifts
  • Mine hoists
  • Lift platforms
  • Turnkey elevator plants and parts
  • Walkways
  • Hydraulic
  • Systems & Components etc.

Components & Accessories

  • Controllers
  • Controller components
  • Door drives and related Accessories
  • Designer cabins
  • Hoist ropes
  • Trailing cables
  • Variable voltage and variable frequency inverters
  • Push buttons
  • Car operating panels
  • Landing operating panels
  • LCDs
  • Scrolling indicator
  • Remote monitoring of elevators and escalators


  • Infra-Red light curtains
  • Access control systems
  • Traction machines
  • Speed governor
  • Guide rails
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Safety and security systems
  • Automated doors
  • Gears
  • Air conditioning & ventilation systems
  • Traction machines
  • Testing instruments
  • Sensors
  • Intercoms
  • Sound & PA systems etc

Visitor profile

IEE Expo India 2020  Visitor profile
  • OEMs
  • Elevator and escalator component suppliers
  • Builders and developers
  • Architects
  • Civil & electrical engineers
  • Engineering & architect students
  • Corporates
  • Project management consultants
  • Service consultants
  • Independent enthusiastic
  • Government contracts
  • Facility managers
  • Distributors
  • Hospital administrators
  • Business entrepreneurs

Our Partners

Principal partner

AV Cam - Manufacturer of Elevator & Lift Parts, Principal partner

Silver partner

Inditech Electrosystems Pvt Ltd- Silver partner

Industry knowledge partner

L'avenir-Industry knowledge partner

Strategic industry partner

CREDAI-MCHI - Strategic industry partner


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